Total Debris is the most comprehensive debris management and reporting tool available. Our cloud based accessibility and easy to learn software will ensure that you will remain FEMA compliant a never misfile a ticket again. Below are listed just a few of the many benefits you will gain with Total Debris.
  • Quick Deployment – you will be up and running IMMEDIATELY upon your request. Even prior to a predicted storm or event actually causing any damage. Be prepared! Be Ready!
  • Easy, Easy, Easy– the most easily deployed, understood and managed debris management software yet.
  • Ticket Wizard data entry
  • Confirm and validate load type, amount and other important criteria
  • Validate personnel—Contractors, drivers, monitors and agency personnel can all be managed with TotalDebris™ software
  • Assign secure access (role-based) access to the system with “for your eyes only” control
  • Unlimited REPORTING capabilities – call on virtually any type of report, highlighting any type of data and sorted any way you want
  • Eliminate fraud and human error with exception reports
  • Easily create Project Worksheets (PW’s) and automatically convert to FEMA required .pdf format
  • Daily activity monitoring and assessment
  • Track all activities during the critical INITIAL PUSH – Whether Force Account or contract, you will be ready to track all assignments
  • True CRM capabilities

Load Tickets

Are you used to the traditional paper ticket system? Unsure of the costs and learning curve of ADMS systems? Then TotalDebris™ is the perfect answer for you. We fully understand the realities associated with moving to completely digital system. With TotalDebris disaster response software you have access to the following:

  • On-demand multi-part forms with your identifying marks (such as logo or seal) delivered to your location.
  • Data Entry Utility— a separately accessed internet-based module that allows you to input directly all of your pertinent ticket details
  • Date Entry Service—or, more simply, overnight or email your tickets to us and we will enter them for you- fast and efficient
  • Scan to File Services—both short and long term storage options for all of your Storm related information
  • Ticket Reporting Access—once digitally recorded, you have full reporting capabilities
  • Backup—we will backup and archive your information giving you peace of mind and access!

If you are more comfortable with the “paper and pencil” aspect of debris and load ticket management then this is the best option. TotalDebris will handle the rest.

Digital Tickets

With the continued advance of technology and FEMA’s stringent documentation requirements, adoption of a digital solution whether in part or in whole should be part of any future disaster recovery.

What is a complete digital solution?

A digital solution means having the appropriate software and hardware combination that allows for the direct input from the field of all relevant debris and other recovery effort data by means of portable or handheld devices. SRS TotalDebris™ Software allows you to:

  • Validate personnel (force account, contractors, drivers, crews, etc.)
  • Validate load ticket data
  • Monitor drivers, trucks and loads – even monitor monitors!
  • Operate independent of an office bound computer with use of sophisticated and reliable portable devices
  • Record location specific information (GPS) with minimal effort and maximum accuracy
  • Effortlessly synchronize with the primary host database

Hybrid Solution

The hybrid solution may be just the right blend of the traditional and familiar with digital technology – enabling your organization to test the waters without sacrificing accuracy, detail and time.  You should be able to respond to any incident confident in whatever system you have in place.

With our TotalDebris™ software, you will have the best of both worlds as you utilize the most effective parts of a tried and true forms based system and all the flexibility offered with a digital solution – you choose how much of each! This solution is simply the easiest and most comprehensive available.

  • Virtually zero learning curve
  • Immediate and full reporting capabilities
  • Operate within your comfort zone and budget
  • Self paced training
  • Minimal investment or no investment in expensive electronic hardware
  • Upgrade at any time


The cloud based platform and permission-based logins means you can quickly deploy and train your constituents  how to use TotalDebris Online for themselves.  Now everyone can track recovery and clean-up with unparalleled accuracy, automate required forms for quick reimbursement, and streamline emergency management efforts.  TotalDebrisTM “helps you help others”.

First Responders

SRS TotalDebris Debris Managing software helps your organization prepare for and respond to virtually any natural or man-made disaster such as Hurricane Sandy or the tornados in Joplin. Track recovery and clean-up with unparalleled accuracy, automate FEMA forms for quick reimbursement, and streamline your emergency management efforts. Emergency management and general response personnel at all levels now have an effective tool in collecting, validating and reporting on their activities. Digitize your debris, labor and  equipment usage details and easily validate location (GPS) specific data. And now Project Worksheets are now a snap. Applicants* have never been this prepared!

Debris Contractors

Accurate record keeping and data submissions are critical to ensuring that disaster response debris haulers and monitoring contractors receive timely payments for services. With a ‘powered by’ TotalDebris Online system, it is easy for contractors, subs and third-party vendors to track, enter, and submit work data – quickly and accurately.


Easy to train, easy to use, TotalDebris simplifies the disaster recovery process, making it easier to meet FEMA compliance requirements as well as the requirements of your State EMD and other oversight agencies., TotalDebris’ advanced reporting capabilities allow for instant data reviews and corrections.


At Total Debris Records & Recovery, we believe the real power of a management program is the ability to provide instant, accurate and reliable reporting. As the name suggests, TotalDebris™ provides unlimited ways to view and report on your data. Dashboard views are a great way to get instant job summaries or to drill down and see micro data. Maybe you want to see activity for a particular contractor on a particular day, or a boom operator’s total hours, or validate a specific ticket. No problem. And in addition to a standard set of reports you have the ability to build custom reports in TotalDebris™.

Dashboard Reports

Access views and reports in dashboard format that visually represent details such:

  • Ticket Details
  • Loads by Contractor
  • Loads by Date
  • Expense Tracking
  • Ticket Counts
  • More…

Summary Reports

Access views and reports summarizing critical data such as:

  • Contractor Job Totals
  • Sub-Contractor Ticket Submissions
  • Contractor / Truck Averages
  • Total Tickets
  • Debris by Type
  • Debris by Hauler
  • Paid / Unpaid Invoices and Tickets
  • Access Summaries
  • More…

Detail Reports

Access views and reports that drill down to the specifics such as:

  • Ticket Details Report
  • Yards Carried
  • GPS Location Verifications
  • Ticket by Type
  • Vehicle / Vessel Details
  • Sub Ticket Information—Hangers / Leaners
  • Stump Details
  • Certifications
  • More…

FEMA Compliance

See our listing (jump to anchor) of FEMA compliant forms and reports.


We have several plans available, tailored for each type of user. Whether you are a first time user, applicant jurisdiction or contractor large or small; TotalDebris has a plan for you.

Pro Regular Lite
$299 $199 $99

* Contact us for details


Below are just some of the additional services available from Storm Recovery Software. Whether you need training, data entry services or a Debris Plan to get started, just contact us for more detailed information.

Data Entry

Data Entry from Paper Tickets—This is a good choice for agencies who are strapped for personnel resources- let Total Debris data entry staff ease your transition into digital record keeping. We can do it in a fraction of the time.

Record Storage and Archival

Our storage and archival service can accommodate your hard copy and/or your digital records storage needs for as long as you want.


Need training? No problem. Even though our software is very easy to learn and use- some may opt for our ‘guided tour’ program where we provide a trainer to help educate your staff on the use of TotalDebris™ software. We will even ‘train the trainer’ so you can handle unexpected staff changes.


Lets face it- this is a forms business still. If you need forms for Load Ticket or any other function- we can print and deliver overnight. Let us know if you want your agency logo on them for easy identification.


Scanning from Paper Tickets—This is a good choice for agencies who are strapped for personnel resources- let Total Debris data entry staff ease your transition into digital record keeping. We can do it in a fraction of the time.

Cloud Backup & Recovery

Never worry about lost data again. Instant recovery of systems.

Mobile Units & RFID tracking

Custom applications and hardware available for you’re in the field data collection needs.

Plan Templates and Assistance

Ask about our free Debris Plan service with registration. Simply type in your identifying information such as City, County, Personnel and other variable information, and TotalDebris will generate a full and complete  Debris Plan ready for final customization for your community.

Please email debrisplan@ndrrm.com for more info.