Applicant Jurisdictions

This includes counties, parishes, cities, tribal communities and other authorized jurisdictions that ultimately are responsible for the recovery efforts, and financial accounting, for their communities. They are also the first responders.  The ability for the applicant to be able to accurately collect, record, report and act on the many activities associated with debris removal and monitoring is critical. Now, it is as simple as logging into your account, and instantly accessing all activities with unparalleled reporting capabilities. The possible scenarios include:

  • Jurisdictions  with no standing contracts:
    When a jurisdiction stands ready to self direct debris removal and monitoring activities, TotalDebris Online  provides all the tools necessary to make sure all members of permanent or temporary staff are equipped to accurately log and report pertinent activities and communications.  By accounting for every action from the initial push following a disaster thru periodic updates and ultimate PA Grant applications.  With a TotalDebris account, you and you staff can learn this simple program at your  own pace and schedule and never be caught off guard.  And with smaller budgets, this is the best and often only way for smaller counties to be prepared and ready to respond.
  • Jurisdictions with standing Debris Removal contracts:
    Many debris contractors utilize some form of internal ticket tracking and accounting system when they are the prime contractor selected for a county/parish.  The few existing systems range from standard paper load tickets to more advanced database, spreadsheet or scan-to-file systems.  Ultimately, it is the applicant’s responsibility for approving and authorizing all claim reports- so, we designed TotalDebris as open platform so it can import from and export to any conventional system you choose. TotalDebris does not discriminate and will ease your paperwork burden regardless of you or your contractor’s systems.
  • Jurisdictions with standing Debris AND Monitoring contracts:
    Many jurisdictions now let pre-event contracts with both Debris Removal and Monitoring firms in an effort to be prepared should disaster strike. This in effect outsources all associated activities related to the clean-up and recovery process.  As stated above, TotalDebris Online provides an easy and accessible method for importing (or data entry if paper based) into your account and allowing unlimited checks and balances, exception reporting and collaborative communications with other jurisdictions or agency personnel.  All guaranteed to improve the rate and success of your reimbursement claims.


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